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Rie fu First Live in Taiwan!!

[ Rie fu 的台灣第一場現場演出!]

Rie fu 將演唱新與舊的歌曲作品,有些是知名動畫片的主題曲,還有Rie fu 音樂創作靈感來源的Carpenters 歌曲翻唱。
地點:Moon Romantic Taipei 台北月見ル君想フsou-ko
料金:預售700NTD / 当日800NTD

【Rie fu First Live in Taiwan】

This will be Rie fu's first live in Taiwan, performing both old and new songs, some known for popular animation theme songs, as well as cover songs of the Carpenters, that inspired her music. 
Date: Sat.19th March, 2016
Time: 17:30 open 18:00 start
Place: Moon Romantic Taipei