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Rie-fu プロフィール画像

Rie fu(りえふぅ)


Born in Tokyo in1985. Spent a few years in the U.S in her youth, and learned English from the Carpenters album that her parents had.
It all started when she picked up a guitar borrowed from her brother during high school, and came up with 30 songs a month and sent it to Sony Music Japan.
After making a debut in 2004, she recorded and promoted her music while commuting between London and Tokyo during University years in Central Saint Martins in London.
2006 was a year of new international opportunities, including performance at Midem in Cannes,
recording with the members of the Pretenders in London, and numerous gigs around London.
After graduating uni in 2007, she continues to her persue her music career in Japan as well as a "construction sites" painter.
2009 was a year of collaboration. She participated in the tour of the renowned folk singer Yosui Inoue, and joined the Japanese post-rock band delofamilia. In the fall, she performed in New York for the first time.
She started her own company Rie fu inc in 2012, and continues to pursue her art and ambition to perform internationally.
Her songs are a mix of Japanese/English, with a little bit of sharp tongue, voice deeply inspired by Karen Carpenter.