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Live in Jakarta! 初のジャカルタライブが決定!

​Rie fu初めてのインドネシアでのライブが決定しました。

11月7日(土)にYamaha Music Auditorium Jakartaで行われるこちらのライブでは、最新アルバム("I")からの新曲や、アジアでも愛されるアニメからの懐かしい楽曲たち("Life is Like a Boat"、"I Wanna Go to a Place..."など)を演奏し、初めてのインドネシアのファンとの交流の場となります。


Rie fu First Live in Jakarta would be held on Sat.7th November 2015 at the Yamaha Music Auditorium for an exclusive and intimate live session.
Performing for the first time upon request from her Indonesian fans, the show will consist of new songs from her album"I", plus some of her most popular songs from the past, such as “Life is Like a Boat” and “I Wanna Go to a Place...”, which were used for much-loved animations.

Don’t miss the chance to see Rie fu performs Live in Jakarta for the first time!

Check out more details on the Live info page